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Here is an opportunity for your business to get a tremendous following and reach through our Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and LinkedIn ads services. Our paid ads strategies act as fuel for the flame of all your digital marketing activities. With our comprehensive PPC (pay-per-click) and social media marketing services, you are guaranteed to witness a significant change in traffic, leads, and sales. We are an effective ads agency that has many satisfied international clients that we have been working for over the years. Partner with us to elevate your brand online.




1. Keyword Research

2. Target Auidence Research

3. Strategy and Planning

4. No. of ad campaign based product and budget 

5. Ads Setup (1 time) and Campaign Management 

6. Periodic optimization and monitoring

7. Data analysis and reporting 

8. Ads performance report

9. Consultation (weekly 1 hour if required)


1. Free SEO Audit report 

2. Google My business (GMB) account creation/setup and optimization 


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Paid Ads 


+ 20% campaign budget - Monthly

Creatives creation for the ads will be charged separately.

Prices applicable for any one of these Platforms:- Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube

Required from you:

1. Website URL (if any)

2. Descriptions about the company (for GMB, and social media accounts)

3. Business address  (with street address and pin code), location (city and state), and contact details(email or phone number for business enquiries)


What is Paid Advertising?

Paid advertisement is an online advertising method that allows advertisers to place their ads on a specific platform or network for which advertisers have to pay for clicks and impressions. It’s an auction where the advertiser who pays more money for an ad space wins. Epiphany Infotech is an ads agency that manages google Adwords and all social media advertisements to help you connect and engage with the right audience. 

What are the different types of Paid Ads?

There are different types of paid ads for different platforms such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, display ads, social media ads, video ads, remarketing ads, etc. Our company handles all types of online advertisements. Reach out to us for attractive and affordable pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing services.

What do Google ads & Social media advertising cost?

Google ad cost depends on multiple factors such as competition, quality score, ad type, CPC(cost-per-click) of target keywords, scheduling, and more. It depends on your budget and business how much you want to spend. Social media advertising cost also depends on various factors like platform, campaign type, CPC, location, audience, and more. There is no fixed price, it is completely up to you how much you are willing to spend monthly.

Do Paid Ads help in SEO?

It doesn’t directly impact SEO but investing in both paid ads and SEO makes a strong marketing impact that grows your business. It doesn’t have any role to drive organic traffic like SEO. Paid search indirectly helps organic search result by increasing brand awareness. We are an impeccable ads agency that can help you in your product and service advertisement through complete paid ads services.

What factors determine my PPC costs?

There are several factors that come into play when determining the PPC costs. The bigger your account the bigger will be the budget as the number of campaigns, ad groups, geographical areas, and keywords in your account that you are targeting will determine the overall cost. We are an experienced PPC ads agency that performs professionally and provides the best budget solutions for your campaigns. 

What metrics should I use to measure and track my campaign?

The key metrics that should be measured to run a successful campaign are brand awareness, customer engagement, comments & reviews, leads, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, and revenue. Campaign management is not an easy task but we have skilled professionals to manage and handle all types of campaigns effortlessly.

What type of Facebook Ad should I run?

Facebook allows running different types of ads like images, videos, carousels, slideshows, collections, etc. It’s a good idea to run 3 to 5 multiple Facebook ads in each set for better campaign optimization and to run your campaign for a longer period of time. Along with other advertising services we run and manage Facebook ads as a professional Facebook advertising agency.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing where marketers advertise their products and services to generate leads and sales. Instagram advertising is a very convenient way to connect with the target audience easily and quickly. Marketing on Instagram can be done by creating different types of ads in the form of images or videos and presenting them to the target audience. 

Why should I use Instagram Advertising for my brand?

Instagram has been growing rapidly with over 1 billion users today and counting. Instagram advertising is one of the major advertising strategies today for all businesses. Users spend a lot of time on Instagram which can put you in the spotlight and draw massive attention. We know online ad management in and out. You can trust and rely on our Instagram marketing services.

What's the ideal budget for a LinkedIn ad campaign?

LinkedIn advertising costs and campaign control budget depend on factors like campaign type, target audience, and bid. LinkedIn allows companies to bid a minimum of $2 for cost per click and cost per impression. On average, businesses pay $5.26 per click and $6.59 per 1000 impressions. With this, you can estimate the ideal budget based on your business goals. 

How do paid ads help businesses?

The most significant advantage of paid advertising is that it allows you to target a specific audience rather than waiting for them to find you. This is the quickest way to help customers discover your brand. Epiphany Infotech is one of the best google ads and social media marketing agencies to help you generate leads and sales.

What is the difference between SEM (Search engine marketing) and SMM (Social media marketing)?

The major difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) is that they pull traffic from different sources. SEM pulls traffic from search results and SMM pulls traffic from social media platforms. We are a google ads and social media marketing agency that provides top-notch online advertising services.

How exactly do you "optimize" a campaign? What does that mean?

Epiphany Infotech uses the best campaign management techniques to properly optimize a campaign. We optimize Google ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, and Instagram ads. We know how to dig deep and identify the target audience and proper channel for your business. We diligently analyze and track every campaign to find the drawbacks and improve further. We focus more on conversions than just leads.

What does pay-per-click cost?

It totally depends on your budget and how much you want to pay every time the ad is clicked on. Average cost-per-click is calculated by dividing the total cost of your clicks by the total number of clicks. Big industries expect to pay $30-$40 per click for PPC but less competitive industries may only pay a few cents per click. Check out our reasonable & affordable PPC service price for the best PPC services.


Why is the CTR rate of Facebook ads lower than Google AdWords?

CTR rate of Facebook ads is lower because users are not actively seeking your products or services, you push your ads in front of the audience whereas in google search users actively seeking products and services related to your business so it is more likely that the click rate will be higher in google ads. Both  Google and Facebook ads management are important to maximize your reach. 


Why Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are an effective way to drive traffic from a wide range of active users. Facebook has around 1.8 billion daily active users making it one of the largest social media networks in the world. Facebook ads management can play a significant role in your business to reach a wider audience quickly. We can efficiently manage Facebook ads from scratch. 

How many leads can you expect as a result of Facebook marketing?

It depends on the planning and execution of your Facebook marketing. To generate high leads you should determine the right target audience, know their needs, make your page more interactive, and use a lead generation campaign to get the information of potential customers that show interest in your business. Epiphany Infotech offers reliable Facebook ads and campaign management services at an affordable price.

What Are the Key Performance Indicators of an Instagram Ad Campaign?

The success of Instagram ad campaigns depends on some key performance indicators. Key performance indicators show the overall performance of your ad such as impressions, engagement, reach, click-through rate, cost per click, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Hire us as your Instagram ad manager for complete Instagram ad management services.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are advertisements through which marketers connect with the audience in professional fields or businesses. The LinkedIn platform is used by B2B, B2C, universities, nonprofits, and many other types of organizations for specific purposes. Marketers use different types of ads such as text ads, image ads, video ads, carousel ads, sponsored content ads, and more. We have experienced Linkedin ad managers to help you generate leads, increase traffic, or grow revenue.

Why Use LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are advertisements through which marketers connect with the audience in professional fields or businesses. The LinkedIn platform is used by B2B, B2C, universities, nonprofits, and many other types of organizations for specific purposes. Marketers use different types of ads such as text ads, image ads, video ads, carousel ads, sponsored content ads, and more. We have experienced Linkedin ad managers to help you generate leads, increase traffic, or grow revenue.

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