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Maximize your Amazon sales with Epiphany Infotech. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive account management, including listing optimization, PPC management, error resolution, and more. Our proven SEO strategies boost sales growth, making your business efficient and poised for success in the online marketplace. Elevate your Amazon business with us.




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What Client Gets

1. Target Audience Research

2. Amazon Profile Creation & Support

3. SEO Optimized Bullets, Titles & Other Content

4. Listing Images Planning & Upload

5. FBA + Non-FBA Listings Creations & Management

6. Listing Q & A Management

7. Monthly Reporting & Analytics

8. Call Discussions

9. Products & ASINs

10. ASIN Approvals & Getting Them Live

11. Amazon Support Queries & Cases Management

12. Amazon Inventory Management

13. Marketing Collaterals Strategy Planning

14. A+ Graphics/EBC Creations, Updations & Modules Planning. Creation (Upto 5 Per Month)

15. Multilingual & Multiple Countries ASINs Management (Upto 2 Countries/Languages; Content Translator/Editor cost beared by Client)

16. Influencer Research, Promotions & Tie Ups Support (Influencer budget to be confirmed after Business & Product Knowledge)

17. Ads Management, Campaigns Setup


1. Paid AI Tool Analysis & Monitoring

2. Google My Business (GMB) Account Creation/Setup & Optimization


Client On-Boarding:

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Payable per month

Management (Listing + Inventory + Bullets Management)

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1 Hour Per Month

10 Per Month

1. Brand Kit & Products photographs provided by the client.

2. Self owned images, free to use 'No Attribution required' images, licensed images and creative commom images can be used. Either the client can provide the same or we can provide these to be approved by the client.

3. We also provide product photography, Brand Identity Kits and Brand Video support & services.

1. Website URL (if any)

2. Descriptions about the company (for GMB)

3. Business address(with street address and pin code), location (city and state), and Contact details(email or phone number for busines enquiries)

4. Amazon account permissions(preferred) or credentials

promotion and management


payable per month

Promotion and Management (Listing + Inventory + Bullets + (A+) + Ads)

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Upload & Planning

2 Hours Per Month

20 Per Month

1. Brand Kit & Products photographs provided by the client.

2. Self owned images, free to use 'No Attribution required' images, licensed images and creative commom images can be used. Either the client can provide the same or we can provide these to be approved by the client.

1. Website URL (if any)

2. Descriptions about the company (for GMB)

3. Business address(with street address and pin code), location (city and state), and Contact details(email or phone number for busines enquiries)

4. Amazon account permissions(preferred) or credentials

Our Amazon Account Management Offerings

Here, you can find out how we can assist you in choosing an Amazon marketing service that is right for you by reading about our services.

amazon listing optimization

Amazon Listing Creation & Optimization

Elevate your Amazon success with our Listing Creation and Optimization services. We enhance visibility through SEO-optimized content, strategically incorporating keywords for organic traffic. Our experts fine-tune product details for both FBA and non-FBA, allowing you to focus on product excellence while we boost your Amazon presence.


Amazon reporting and analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Receive monthly analytics for informed decision-making on your Amazon marketing performance. Our reports cover sales, advertising campaigns, customer feedback, and more. Our expert team analyzes data to pinpoint growth opportunities and areas for improvement.


inventory management of amazon

Amazon Inventory and Cases Management

Mastering Amazon inventory, we optimize stock levels and implement strategic marketing for boosted sales. Our expertise includes efficient ASIN approvals, ensuring live and engaging product listings. With expert Amazon Seller Support, we swiftly handle queries and cases, enabling you to focus on your core business for smooth operations and optimal results.


Amazon content creation services

Content Enhancements for Improved Brand Reach

Enhance your Amazon presence with our A+ Graphics and brand-enhanced content services. We create engaging listings, manage Multilingual ASINs, and excel in Influencer Research for a broader global impact. Elevate your brand on the Amazon platform with our comprehensive approach.


amazon ads management

Amazon Ads Management & Campaign Setup

Our Amazon PPC management team handles campaign setup, ongoing optimisation, and alignment with your business goals. With our expert team, we boost visibility and drive sales for your Amazon products, empowering your success as a seller.

Our Professional Digital marketing and web design and development services

Get Comprehensive Suite of Services

Discover a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services seamlessly integrated with our expertise in web development and design. Visit our service page to explore the diverse range of solutions we provide.



What is Amazon marketing and management?

Amazon marketing and management involve strategies and techniques to optimize product visibility, sales, and overall performance on the Amazon platform. It includes Amazon advertising, Amazon listing optimization, and other activities to enhance a brand’s presence.

How can I create a successful Amazon marketing strategy?

Explore various Amazon advertising options, optimize product listings, and utilize tools like Amazon Analytics to understand customer behaviour. Consider partnering with Amazon SEO agencies for a comprehensive approach.

What types of advertising options does Amazon offer?

Amazon provides various advertising solutions, including Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Each serves different purposes in promoting products on the platform.

How do I optimize product listings for better visibility and sales?

Focus on Amazon keyword optimization, compelling product titles, high-quality images, and detailed product descriptions. Regularly update Amazon listings based on customer feedback and market trends.

How can I track and analyze my Amazon campaign performance?

Leverage Amazon’s reporting tools and analytics dashboard to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

What are A9 algorithms, and how do they affect product rankings?

A9 is Amazon’s search and ranking algorithm. Understanding and optimizing for A9 is crucial for improving product visibility. Factors include relevance, customer behaviour, and Amazon product listing completeness.

How can I handle negative reviews and customer feedback on Amazon?

Respond promptly and professionally to negative reviews. Address customer concerns, offer solutions, and demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction. Encourage positive reviews through excellent service.

How can I expand my Amazon business internationally?

Research and understand the requirements for selling in different Amazon marketplaces. Localize product listings, consider international shipping options, and tailor Amazon marketing strategies to specific regions.

How do I create an effective product title for my Amazon listing?

A strong product title should be concise, include relevant keywords, and highlight key features. Follow Amazon’s guidelines for character limits and style.

What are the essential elements of a high-converting product description?

A compelling Amazon product description should provide detailed information about the product, address customer pain points, and showcase unique selling points. Use bullet points for easy readability.

How can I optimize images for my product listings?

Images are crucial for conversions. Ensure high-resolution listing images, showcase different product angles, and use lifestyle images when possible. Follow Amazon’s image guidelines for size and quality.

What role do keywords play in optimizing content for Amazon?

Amazon SEO keywords are terms describing products, crucial for visibility in search results. Optimizing product listings with these keywords enhances the chances of attracting potential buyers to the platform.

What is A+ Content, and how can it benefit my product listings?

A+ Content (Enhanced Brand Content for third-party sellers) allows you to enhance your product detail page with visually rich content, including additional images and text. It can improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

How often should I update my product listings?

Regular updates are essential to keep Amazon listings relevant. Update product information, images, and descriptions based on customer feedback, changes in product features, or shifts in the market.

What is the importance of backend search terms, and how should I use them?

Backend search terms are keywords that aren’t visible to customers but can impact search results. Include relevant terms that customers might use to find your Amazon product, ensuring accurate indexing.

How do I handle variations within a product listing?

If your product comes in different variations (e.g., colors, sizes), use Amazon’s variation feature to keep listings organized. Clearly communicate the available options in the product title and description.

What are the key policies I should be aware of as an Amazon seller?

Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s policies on product listings, customer reviews, advertising, and seller performance. Stay updated on policy changes through Amazon’s Seller Central.

How can I ensure compliance with Amazon's product listing policies?

Adhere to guidelines regarding product titles, descriptions, images, and other listing details. Regularly review and update Amazon listings to comply with any policy changes.

What are the requirements for becoming an Amazon seller?

To become an Amazon seller, you need to create an Amazon seller central account, provide necessary business information, and agree to Amazon’s terms of service.

What are the guidelines for managing inventory and order fulfillment on Amazon?

Sellers should manage Amazon inventory levels effectively, use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) if applicable, and ensure timely order fulfilment to maintain customer satisfaction and account health.

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So far I have been impressed with Team Epiphany. They have been diligent and always willing to help and answer any questions. I am hoping this will continue to a long working relationship in the future.

- Marc C. London, GB

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