So, recently when I was working with my friend Naveen, we both found out that we shared the feeling of annoyance caused by the default action of XAMPP when accessed through typing localhost or PC name in the address bar. The default action is to open the phpMyadmin console. So, every time we had to access a project we would have to access that by typing localhost/project-name in the address bar. This seemed somewhat inefficient. So we decided to take some time off our busy schedule and do something about it so we can save time in the future.

And voila! The results are more than satisfactory. Of course, it can be further improved. But for now, this has to do.

Now, about those awesome improvements:

  • When we type localhost in the address bar, we first see the hostname of the PC whose XAMPP installation is being accessed. This comes in pretty handy if you’re working in a shared environment.
  • Next in the header section, we see a link to a favorite URL on the left, which in our case was lord Google since that is what a developer always needs. Then in the middle, there’s a search bar, which you can use to filter out any project if you don’t see it in the list below. The search is insta-search and starts as soon as you start typing. And, in the right section, you’ll see the link to that PHPMyAdmin section where you can access your MySQL databases.
  • In the center of the page are the files and directories of your htdocs folder listed. They have also been giving styling to feel good and not boring.

Check out the screenshot of this fix on my PC below:

The Awesome XAMPP Index Fix

The Awesome XAMPP Index Fix

You can download the fix from the following GitHub link:

I hope you like it! 🙂

Special thanks to Naveen Sharma for helping me with this.

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