Advance Single Blog Package Price


Package Details

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Optimization with 5+ to 10+ Keywords per blog
  3. Number of blogs – 1
  4. Word Count – 1200 (+-50 Words) )
  5. Revisions – Upto 3


  1. Paid AI Tool Analysis And Monitoring
  2. Bi-weekly Website paid tool health Reports
  3. AI Website Audit
  4. SEO Yoast Plugin installation (WordPress)
  5. Manual SEO Expert Audit Report

Improve your online presence with our Advance Single Blog post writing package. This comprehensive package includes keyword research and optimization with 5 to 10+ keywords per blog. We offer 1200-word blog post writing with up to 3 revisions including this pack. You will also get valuable freebies such as AI tool analysis and monitoring, bi-weekly website health reports, and an AI website audit tool.

Additionally, we'll install the SEO Yoast Plugin for WordPress and provide a manual SEO audit report service. Take your blog to the next level and attract more visitors with our tailored package!

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