Social Media Management – Booster


Complete Management (Brand Presence + Targeted Ads+ Influencer + Comments & messages)

Package Details:

  1. Target Auidence Research
  2. Social Profile Setup
  3. Reporting & Analytics
  4. Content Strategy & Planning
  5. Content Calender
  6. Content Creation & Branding (Images & Media: Either Provided By The Client Or Shared By Us And Approved By Client)
  7. Hashtags Research & Planning
  8. Hashtag Optimized Posts
  9. No. Of Posts: 16 To 18 Posts Per Month (Minimum Of 3 Posts Per Week Per Platform)
  10. 8 To 9 Reels/Videos (Reach Booster Reels – 2 Per Week)
  11. Pixel Tracking (If Applicable)
  12. Google Analytics & Social Media Integration Setup & Monitoring
  13. Comments & Messages Management


  1. Includes Budget For Ads & Influencer Marketing (Strategy SS Per Product & Services)
  2. Assistance In Influencer Tie-Ups & Management (3rd Party Cost Paid By Client)


  1. Paid AI Tool Analysis & Monitoring
  2. Google My Business (GMB) Account Creation/Setup & Optimization
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This Social Media Management Service Booster package is complete package ans it ensures maximum visibility and engagement for your business. From meticulous audience research to curated content creation and strategic hashtag optimization, we cover every aspect of social media management.

This booster plan includes managing social media ads, comments and messages, and brand presence management of your business. Our team is always focused on delivering results.

Apart from these, our package includes regular reporting and analytics, as well as assistance in influencer collaborations. We also provide freebies such as AI tool analysis, Google My Business setup, and optimization to maximize the efforts!

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Social Media Management for 1 Facebook account


Social Media Management for 1 Instagram account


Social Media Management for 1 Twitter account

FB + Instagram

Social Media Management for 1 Facebook account and 1 Instagram account

FB + Twitter

Social Media Management for 1 Facebook account and 1 Twitter account

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