Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in the SEO industry, as it can perform tasks such as keyword research, content creation, on-page optimization, performance analysis, and analyzing competition. However, AI lacks emotional intelligence, creativity, the ability to adapt to new trends and changes, context and nuance, and the human touch. AI cannot replace humans in SEO, as humans are needed at every step of the process, and AI relies on humans for its development and maintenance.

We all know that old time was crazy! We used to do many sarcastic things in many ways. It’s only you who can do your job responsibly. But! Now AI is standing ahead and making our tasks easy. Sometimes it is very scary because It can snatch your job and could be the next big thing in the market after YOU! Recently ChatGPT has set a record of 100 million monthly active users only 2 months after launch (source). The global AI market is valued at a whopping 327.5 billion dollars (source). These big numbers show the importance of Artificial intelligence among the new generation.

In this article, we are going to find the role of AI in Search Engine Optimization and the resolution to your Question (Will ChatGPT Replace Humans?).

How AI can solve your SEO problems in minutes?

An SEO guy uses many tools and software for converting problems into solutions. It is necessary to find the best matching keywords, write an attractive title, and create a description. Humans have to use their brains and also smoke some money on SEO tools. But now AI (Artificial intelligence) is on our way and solving complex theories and giving the right suggestions to minimize our SEO work. Let’s discuss a few such factors where AI will take care of your SEO efforts.

1. Keywords research

Artificial Intelligence can determine and analyze a big amount of data and will provide you with the best-related keywords without much effort. AI can crawl their databases in a few seconds and you only just need to give a command just like “How to pick the best VPN in 2023!” and It will come up with surprising results.

 Chatgpt helps in seo keyword research

2. Content Making

chatgpt content generator

3. On-Page Optimization

AI can also analyze web pages to identify if they are optimized for search engines. If not, then it helps you to optimize your web pages for better ranking in search engines. This includes factors such as keyword density, internal linking, and meta tags of the website.

4. Reporting and performance analysis

We make many efforts to build our website’s visibility with the help of link-building services and continuous SEO efforts. AI can give you insights into monitoring website traffic, search engine rankings, and other metrics to determine the effectiveness of SEO strategies and make recommendations for improvement.

5. Analyzing the competition

AI can help provide valuable insights and information about competitors, which can inform and improve your SEO strategy. However, it’s important to remember that AI analysis should always be used in conjunction with human expertise and strategic thinking for the best results.

Will AI or ChatGPT replace humans in SEO?

It is noted that ChatGPT is the trending trendsetter of the next big step of artificial intelligence. OpenAI shocked the world with AI Chatbot (ChatGPT’s) epic capabilities that can do any of your tasks in a few seconds. It can generate content, write a script, and you can even make money with chatgpt. We tried to use Open AI chat (ChatGPT) for solving some SEO-related problems and the results were quite impressive: 

Suggest keywords related to “Best Digital Marketing Agency”
Chatgpt can guide to find Best digital marketing agency
How to Increase the DA and PA of the website?
How to increase the authority of the website with chatgpt

Apart from that, ChatGPT can also give you a written blog which sometimes with 0% plagiarism or maybe at 2 or 3! See the examples.

Write a blog on “How to build links?”
How to write a blog with chatgpt

With AI tools like ChatGPT, we can solve our SEO problems in a matter of seconds. But there are many things to keep in mind while we compare humans with AI tools. Let’s find out the reason why AI tools can’t replace humans in Seach Engine Optimization:

1. Lack of emotional intelligence

Artificial intelligence only provides a result based on data stored in the database. AI can’t replace human emotions, intent, and behavior. Humans can add some emotions and intent to SEO efforts to engage the audience.

2. AI has limited creativity

Humans are experienced and have the strong power to think about problems and solve them with master skills. AI lacks the critical thinking and intuitions that humans can possess in SEO and their decision-making process.

3. AI can’t adapt to new trends and changes in the meantime

AI is completely based on adding new data. It is hard to adapt to new SEO trends (Algorithms and updates) that probably change in a month or every quarter. Humans can adapt and create new strategies to stay neck to neck with new SEO trends.

4. Lack of context and nuance

AI can analyze and interpret data, but it often lacks the context and nuance needed to make informed decisions. For example, it may not be able to accurately interpret the intent behind certain search queries or understand the subtleties of language and phrasing.

5. Not able to match human touch

During the process of SEO, It is very important to add some emotional and natural touch with clients to build a strong relationship with clients. Humans can be friendly but AI will always put nostalgic theories which are sometimes not needed! This human touch is essential for building trust and delivering results that go beyond just data and analytics.

6. AI needs Humans

We all are busy finding the winner between humans and AI but AI needs humans at every step of the process. Because human can do their tasks without AI but AI can’t deliver results without us! Human is the one who builds and gives life to Artificial intelligence. It is only when humans create new things, add new data, and take care of AI that AI can continue to exist. 

So, AI can only help us in solving complex problems and provide a better platform to minimize the time of our work process. For now, every sector needs human power for increasing business and developing new clients and sales. You don’t need to worry about your job! Grow your skills and maintain better coordination with AI to stay at the top of the SEO industry. Check out seo package prices and plans here and request a free quote today!